PECSO CPR cables and related downlodable DoP:

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H05RN-F DoP 00001
H07RN-F DoP 00002
H05VV-F DoP 00003
H07V-K DoP 00004
H05Z1Z1-F DoP 00006
05Z1Z1-F DoP 00006
H05V2V2-F DoP 00007
H03VV-F DoP 00008
H1Z2Z2-K DoP 00009
LSF DoP 00010
H05BN-4 DoP 00011
H05V-K DoP 00012
FS17 DoP 00013
FG16OR16 multi-core power DoP 00014
FG16OR16 signaling DoP 00015
FG16R16 single-core power DoP 00016
FG16OM16 multi-core power DoP 00017
FG16OM16 signaling DoP 00018
FG16M16 single-core power DoP 00019
LSOH DoP 00020
N07V3V3-F DoP 00021
N1QQ-F DoP 00022
H05Z1Z1-F CPR Class Cca DoP 00023
05Z1Z1-F CPR Class Cca DoP 00024
XYMM DoP 00025
H07BQ-F CPR Class Eca DoP 00026
H05VV5-F DoP 00027
FS18OR18 DoP 00029
FS18OR18 signaling DoP 00030
H05RR-F DoP 00031

Updates available about CPR UE 305/11 (2017.05.29)

We inform you that on the AICE website, at the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) page, the updated version (May 2017) of the CPR brochure, regarding electric cables, is available.

We inform you that on the AICE website, at the CPR page, the updated version (up to March) of the FAQ AICE, regarding the Construction Products Regulation, is available.2017.02.24
We are pleased to announce the availability of the  brochure “PECSO CPR2017.01.09
Pecso is pleased to inform you that it has received the first certifications for the cables of class Eca (H05RN-F H07RNF H05VV-F H07V-K).

We inform you that from December 21 began the public inquiry (ending January 20, 2017) for the projects of the CEI UNEL tables of new CPR products regarding energy for cables in Italian CEI. The required documents are available to the following link

We inform you that from the 25/11/2016 to the 09/01/2017 will take place the public inquiry for variations projects of the main product standards for power cables and norms of compunds and designation codes. The required documents are available to the following link

It’s available online at the AICE website in the “Construction Products Regulation (CPR)” page the Domande Frequenti (F.A.Q) – Regolamento prodotti da Costruzione

It’s available online at the AICE website the official brochure CPR updated on September 2016

It was published CEI UNEL 35016